Bringing a Fiduciary Mindset to the Elite TPA

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We won't brag about our clients, but we feel really proud of what we have managed in a short amount of time. Yes, we treat Elite TPAs differently and they seem to like it.


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Elite Retirement Alliance is dedicated to helping Elite TPA's in their sales, marketing and retention efforts.

We believe that Elite TPA's are different then their smaller competitors who often compete on price versus overall service and value.  There are many opportunities for Elite TPA's to leverage their considerable size, assets and service models to grow their business while maintaining profit margins.  Elite Retirement Alliance has build a dynamic Elite TPA Advisor Outreach program that is unique in the marketplace and designed to significantly increase new sales activity.

Why Us?

Elite Retirement Alliance has over 20+ years of diversified TPA experience including:

  • Over 1 Billion in TPA Recordkeeper sales,
  • Creation of a major insurance company TPA program resulting in $5 Billion in new sales within 5 years,
  • 6 years of DCIO sales experience,
  • 7 years of TPA sales experience.

Our diversified industry experience provides Elite TPA's strategies designed to leverage TPA | RECORDKEEPER | DCIO | ADVISOR alliances aimed at becoming retirement plan advisors one stop expert resource .