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DCIOs and Elite TPAs both have the same Primary Client: ADVISORS.  Now it's time for two of the most powerful COI's in the industry to work together!

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Elite TPA

As a DCIO wholesaler you have a huge sales region and concentrate on a Top 100 list of specialist retirement plan advisors.  You also support selected record-keepers who have your funds in their platform or are good partners.

You don't call on TPAs because they don't influence assets - and besides most of them are small in regards to number of plans or plan assets.

We Get it.


And many of the Retirement Advisor Specialists you call on have long term relationships with Elite TPAs.


Average ELITE TPA Statistics


Assets Under Administration


Annual Contributions




Retirement Plan

We're Here To Help You Succeed

Elite TPA Profile

  • Elite TPA Profile

    The average Elite TPA in our program has:

    • Over $1.3 Billion in AUA

    • Over $950 Million Annual Flow

    • 1000+ clients

    • Hundreds of Plan Advisors

Center of Influence

  • Influence

    Elite TPAs do not select investments - our Advisor partners do that.  But they have significant influence on the RK system selected by the advisor and plan sponsor.

    Do you know the average Elite TPA has an 80% closing ratio?

Strategic Alliance

  • Elite TPA Profile

    You have a huge sales region and call on specialist advisors.  As an Elite TPA we have extensive local retirement plan advisor relationships and over $1 Billion in AUM.

    What are we waiting for?  Let's develop a Strategic-Tactical-Focused-Upmarket alliance.

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