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Advisor Tools & Resources

Plan Fee
Benchmark Reports

  • FBi Benchmark Rerports

    The new DOL fiduciary regulations provide opportunities for prepared advisors to acquire new clients as well as retain current ones. Plan sponsors also need to have a documented process on how these plan fees were determined to be reasonable.  Our Elite TPAs can have these reports prepared for you.

Advisor Fee
Benchmark Reports

  • Advisor Fee Benchmark

    Educated advisors know they can add an additional level of service to their clients by providing an objective benchmarking report that details the services included as part of their annual retainer fee.  The report can also serve as an important fiduciary document that shows a process helps determine reasonableness of fees.

    Advisors can use this as an important prospecting tool to articulate their comprehensive level of services offered for a fee that is shown to be within reasonable benchmark levels.

Investment Due
Diligence Reports

  • Investment Due Diligence

    Documenting a process for the initial selection and monitoring of plan investments is more important then ever.  Recent case law has established legal precedent.  Fi360 offers a variety of reports to help document this process.  Our Elite TPAs can help get these reports generated.

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As a Plan Sponsor I Know I'm a Fiduciary

and therefore Personally Liable

So I'm Going to Pick the Cheapest TPA

Aren't They All The Same?

Cheap TPA

Cheap TPA

Cheap TPA

Cheap TPA

Cheap TPA

Cheap TPA



Cheap TPA

Cheap TPA

Cheap TPA

Cheap TPA

Cheap TPA

Cheap TPA

No!  They are not the same!

Elite TPAs have a significantly higher Client Satisfaction Rating, Client Retention Rate as well as Sales Closing Ratio.

Retirement Plan Advisors and their Plan sponsor clients are better off with the enhanced services that an Elite TPA brings.

If you are considering a Bundled plan please contact me so I can demonstrate the advantages of an Elite TPA - advantages that do not have to cost more!

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Elite TPA Success Stories


This plan was formerly at a large bundled provider and had a cookie cutter plan design that did not fit the needs of the rapidly growing PEO.  There was a single set of plan options and vesting schedule and the PEO HR staff were burdened with a significant amount of administrative tasks that they felt should be handled by the current record-keeper.

The plan moved record-keepers and hired an Elite TPA after an extensive interview process.  The Elite TPA provided multiple plan design and vesting options for the PEO clients while still maintaining a structured and scale-able platform.

In addition the Elite TPA provided division codes for each PEO sub-entity allowing for testing of each sub-group.  With over 900 separate companies and 12,000+ participants this was a plan that was to much of a challenge for a bundled provider. 

$30 Million Hedge Fund Plan

This successful NYC hedge fund had a very generous retirement plan for their employees that also offered the hedge funds mid cap fund as an investment option in the plan.  The problem was that the med-cap option was only available contributions or withdrawals in a 10-day window every quarter.  The firm wanted this fund to be daily valued like every other investment in the plan.  

Enter the Elite TPA who undertook this complex challenge by engaging a well known custodian who was also the custodian for the hedge fund.  After setting up various trading links and agreements between the hedge fund, the custodian and the record-keeper the Elite TPA was able to provide a daily exchanged option for the hedge fund where it's fund was on the daily trading platform like all other mutual funds.

This was an example of a challenging out-of-the-box situation where the scale and expertise of the Elite TPA was essential in providing a solution to the plan sponsor and their advisor.  The advisor had been actively looking for a solution for over a year before being recommended to the Elite TPA by a DCIO wholesaler who knew of their expertise.