Tactical Retirement Alliances Focused on Elite TPAs

Elite TPAs make up less than 5% of the overall TPA market however but have approximately 40% of the TPA industry  Assets Under Administration.  Elite TPAs represent a Tactical, Focused, Upmarket strategy for select Record-keeper and DCIO firms. Improve wholesaler productivity and production through an Elite TPA strategy and improve your competitive advantages with retirement plan advisors.


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Thanks for allowing me access to the website! The benchmarking reports look great! I had a prospective client specially ask me for a fee discloser of our fee to take over the 401. Our plan was just become broker of record of the existing plan... not make any changes until we have the 401 under our name. I feel the fee benchmarking report would be perfect in helping us win this acct. Please let me know what information is needed to generate this report.


Brett, Registered Rep

My BD just informed me that starting immediately I need to start producing Plan Fee benchmark reports on all of my retirement plan clients.  Thanks to your enhanced services and your informative emails I KNOW WHERE TO GO FOR THESE.  What a relief and time saver, thanks .


John, Registered Rep

Your TPA's benchmark report services have helped me retain and attract clients.  Fast and efficient - and multiple report types from one source.  Invaluable.

- Matt, VP- Private Wealth Management

I love the new services you are rolling out to advisors!


Rob, Certified Retirement Director


Elite Retirement Alliance is dedicated to helping Elite TPA's in their sales, marketing and retention efforts.

We believe that Elite TPA's are different then their smaller competitors who often compete on price versus overall service and value.  There are many opportunities for Elite TPA's to leverage their considerable size, assets and service models to grow their business while maintaining profit margins.  Elite Retirement Alliance has build a dynamic Elite TPA Advisor Outreach program that is unique in the marketplace and designed to significantly increase new sales activity.

Why Us?

Elite Retirement Alliance has over 20+ years of diversified TPA experience including:

  • Over 1 Billion in TPA Recordkeeper sales,
  • Creation of a major insurance company TPA program resulting in $5 Billion in new sales within 5 years,
  • 6 years of DCIO sales experience,
  • 7 years of TPA sales experience.

Our diversified industry experience provides Elite TPA's strategies designed to leverage TPA | RECORDKEEPER | DCIO | ADVISOR alliances aimed at becoming retirement plan advisors one stop expert resource .